Wrecking© is a method for interference...
"I approached Tere O'Connor, a good friend, as well as someone whose work I'd known and admired for years; also someone whose work is very different from mine -  'other'.  I asked him to come into my rehearsal process for a piece called "Little By Little, She Showed Up", and to do what I subsequently called 'wreck' the dance. By this I mean that he entered into the rehearsal process and looked at the piece as though it was to become his from that moment forward, changing it to his liking, imposing his own aesthetic with complete disregard for my intentions. The very things that I would never have imagined being different were the ones that he changed; the experience was akin to culture shock; disorienting, the center of gravity shifted.  I then took back the rehearsals, with the same attitude toward his changes. The piece took on some attributes of his aesthetic; directions were opened that otherwise would not have been conceived of, moments exist in the piece for which no one can claim ownership, and yet there is no question of its authorship. As if, in forcing a move that comes from outside oneself, the self imposes itself with more clarity."
From Stealing, Influence and Identity by Susan Rethorst

Wrecking© was originally developed by Susan Rethorst in 1995 in New York City.  The first Wrecked piece was “Little by Little She Showed Up”: the first wrecker was Tere O’Connor.  If you are interested in pursuing Wrecking© as a tool or experience by this or any other name, please contact Susan.  Please read Stealing, Influence and Identity (excerpt below) for the thinking and history behind Wrecking©.
Wrecking© was first done in Rethorst's NYC studio on Vandam Street in New York. It has since been done at Danspace St Mark's, thefidget space in Philadelphia (under the name Remix Festival), Bryn Mawr College; independently in Chicago and San Francisco, and has included such heavies as Annie B. Parsons, Paul Lazar, David Gordon, John Jesurun and Jen Rosenblit.  Please be in touch to keep a record of the evolution.
If you are an institution looking to integrate this model into your educational curriculum please contact redhorsephilly@gmail.com.

If you are an artist interested in a day long individual wrecking© with Susan Rethorst email redhorsephilly@gmail.com. The day will consist of watching, mentoring, wrecking, conversation and taking back of the work.

Stay tuned for more info on the next Wreck Fest slated for Spring 2018!

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