2014 – THEN, Arts Bank, Philadelphia, for 5 dancers, music by Danny Elfman and Angelo Badalamenti
2013 – 208 East Broadway Part 5: ENOUGH, Bryn Mawr College, for 6 dancers, music by Jacque Brel
2011 – 208 EAST BROADWAY Part 4: SOLD, Danspace, New York City, a media and live performance installation
2010 – 208 EAST BROADWAY Part 3: OVER AND OUT, Danspace, New York City, for 5 dancers, living room furniture, 3 screen projections 
2008 – 208 EAST BROADWAY Part 2: SUITCASE DREAMS, Danspace, New York City, for 9 dancers and my living room furniture, with 2 video projections 
2007 –  208 EAST BROADWAY, Dance Theater Workshop, New York City,  for 7 dancers and my living room furniture
2004 – oh oh oh, Dance Theater Workshop, New York City, for 5 dancers with music by George Gershwin
2002 – BEHOLD BOLD SAM DOG, Danspace, New York City, for 6 dancers, music by Dmitri Shostakovich and the Beatles
1998 – DON’T GO WITHOUT YOUR ECHO, The Kitchen, New York City, for eight dancers, music by Johathan Bepler
Nov 1996 – LITTLE BY LITTLE, SHE SHOWED UP solo version, Jerusalem, Israel
Sept 1995 – LITTLE BY LITTLE, SHE SHOWED UP, PS 122, New York City, trio with chorus of 18, music by Danny Ellfin, G. Mahler
June 1994 – UNTITLED, PS 122, New York City, solo for Simone Forti
May 1993 – GREY MARIE, The Kitchen, NYC, for eight dancers, music by René Aubrey and Brahms
Dec 1993 – THIS IS A MOVIE, Danspace, NYC, duet in collaboration with Tere O’Connor
May 1992 – ONOMATOPEA, Portland, ME, quartet
Sept 1991 – UNDER THE STAIRS, Sicily, Italy, solo
Aug 1991 – CURRENT MEMORIES, Boulder, CO, solo, music by Steve Gorn
Mar 1991 – PICTURE THIS, The Kitchen, NYC, quartet, soundmix by S. Rethorst
Nov 1991 – SUSAN BRAHAM: THE ONE AND ONLY,  Danspace, NYC, solo, music by Bill Ruyle
May 1989 – BEAU REGARD, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, for eight dancers, music by Bill Ruyle, soundmix by S. Rethorst
Feb 1989 – SOLO IN MIND, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, CA, solo
Dec 1988 – RUSHES, Dance Place, Washington, DC, trio
Nov 1987 – TABLEAUX,  PS 122, NYC, solo, soundmix by S. Rethorst
June 1987 – SAPONETTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, duet, music by Nona Vasconcuelas
May 1987 – WHAT SHE KNEW, The Kitchen, NYC, quartet with text by Ann Carlson & S. Rethorst
Sept 1986 – MRS. WAND, Bennington College, VT, solo 
Feb 1986 – TWAIN, Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, solo      
May 1985 – SONS OF FAMOUS MEN, PS 122, NYC, duet with chorus of three
Mar 1984 – RIPE, Danspace, NYC, quartet
Apr 1983 – DANCE: THE SACRED COW, The Performing Garage, NYC  quartet
Jul 1882 – DANCE TO MUSIC, White Dog Studio, NYC, solo, music by Tchaikovsky
Feb 1982 – MASS MOVEMENT, Danspace, NYC, for thirty-one dancers
Feb 1982 – PUBLIC OR PERISH, Danspace, NYC, solo, slides by S. Rethorst
Jan 1982 – STEALING, White Dog Studios, NYC, quartet
Dec 1981 – SWELL, Cunningham Studio, NYC, for nine dancers
Jun 1981 – THE PLUNGE, Aix-en-Provence Festival, France, solo
May 1981 – DUET, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, duet
Dec 1980 – THE LIFE OF THE WASP, The Kitchen, NYC, for seventeen dancers
Nov 1979 – SEPARATE TABLES, The Collective for Living Cinema, NYC, duet
Jul 1979 – LONG SLEEPLESS AFTERNOONS, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, quintet
Apr 1978 – FERRY, Cunningham Studio, NYC, quartet
Apr 1977 – STRAWS, Trisha Brown Studio, NYC, solo
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