2017 Sunday Drop-In Choreographic Workshop
March 19
$30/workshop (pay in cash/check at the door)
A fun and adventurous workshop in which we will pick a particular issue to examine. Participants are invited to suggest the things they want to work on. Questions? Email redhorsephilly@gmail.com.

A Choreographic Mind
June 9-11, 2017
Friday 5-8pm, Saturday/Sunday 11-5pm 
at REDHORSE STUDIO in Philadelphia, PA
Register Here.

Description: I teach from the point of view that making is an endless quest with ever shifting ground. I encourage an attitude of fueling work with one's questions, not regarding plans or themes as pre-requisites. I regard teaching as a conversational mode; my exercises are proposals in action.

A residency tailored to what you need. Space, lodging, and mentorship available. Read more on the Schedule A Residency page.

"In my eyes, Susan Rethorst has had a successful and long career as a choreographer, but in her workshops she treats the dancers as equals, and the room quickly becomes a community of artists. I was not intimidated or fearful as the creative space she holds is welcoming, nurturing, and very focused. I felt safe experimenting. Her prompts and structures allows any dance artist to move beyond their creative habits and enter a new way of creating, which is extremely exciting. Both her sense of humor and her cerebral depth filled the space and invited a
sense of play and thoughtfulness in all of us as we investigated our own new work."–Darcy Lyons, choreographer

"Susan's workshop enabled me to refine my choreographic habits and explore new movement terrain in a supportive, nurturing environment. I have since adopted the invaluable tools and prompts that Susan introduced into my choreographic process. It was an extraordinary experience for me, and I look forward to continue my studies with Susan too. I highly recommend dancers and movers of all kinds to take Susan's workshop!" –Mariam Dingilian, choreographer

"Susan's workshop opens unique creative pathways for choreographers through permission to play, destroy and reconstruct." –Anonymous

"Since the workshop, my creative process has felt a little less painful and a little more fruitful." –Anonymous

If you are an artist interested in a day long individual wrecking© with Susan Rethorst email redhorsephilly@gmail.com. The day will consist of watching, mentoring, wrecking, conversation and taking back of the work. For more info on wrecking©  please visit the wrecking© page. 

Additional Workshops
August 13-19, 2017
Bearnstow (Mount Vernon, ME)
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